12/23 Connie Escalante

Friday, December 30th


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The news 106. Also recognize the unsung heroes that serve our community here's today's star of the day. There are. Good morning this is Greg tanner con from star when a 65 radio and and I'm looking for tiny. Her tiny I'm so happy to talk to you I EI I feel like I know Leo I've talked to your Bentley. And unit tiny Escalante I've I've I've seen your name on paper. After days here in our studio so I'm happy to talk to you and calling to let you know you're star of the day. Her married. Yes you've been nominated to be your start of the day and and I wanna play a clip for yields as I spoke to us and your family. And it might do last go ahead and give this a listen. So the first person I spoke to was your sister tell me why you should be to start the day. He goes up and above for everyone and my mom's health has been dead so my mom does look at my sister and my sister takes care group. On top books he has a daughter that's fifteen freshman high school. And she goes to every. Sport and every activity that he gets on top of work in and take care my mom kid on my mom's gone for oxygen so she can't rely on her own his heart countries they have struggled but to get through everything if you don't go and. Am reaching gaggle I am act scripture Akamai momma did not score diet. Car dealers cheap date there daylight I wrote it start every day and night so much what my mom. And age I mean right ED day she'd always help Trammell at differently backpack and she can't be really good. Yes she did mom she got a mom she greatly sculptural. And cheesecake you know it's take good care of her mom my gal actually do your small cap Lil Rounds and here I Specter my mom so I like later that Connie. What I mailing out there. God that's it Sherry. Arab. And then boy you really stepped up to the plate I understand from what they're sand and how do you manage your stress and how how he managed to do all that you deal. It's very hard. Very hard at all and I do stepped out that you use. Do you like China not to and they go in to keep on going and that can happen at right tackle Chris. Connie now okay you're a single mother right I am. How many kids do you have. I have to have one at 21 and then my daughter is fourteen. And your mother has moved in which deal. He's not doing too well he has a lot of health problems he has empathy in my UPD. And she's been doing what single book. Lately and so it has been one thing after another and didn't like sheep I got over the smoke and now in the European city coming back. Well we're gonna take a little bit of that stress away our star of the day and we're gonna pay you a quick visit take some pictures give me a big hug. And hooking up with some nice tokens of appreciation of definitely. Make you forget your worries for a few minutes okay. Yeah. If you know someone goes above and beyond may need some. Deserved recognition nominee yours futures started the day and right now and then start 10605 dot com slash star of the day.