12/22 Donna Adams

Thursday, December 22nd


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He knew someone who's 65. I'm still recognize the unsung heroes that serve our community here's today's star of the day. RO they know they're good morning this is Greg tanner and country star when a 6:5 I am looking for and Donna Adams. Good morning miss Donna how are you today. I'm warm I'm calling with good news see you have been nominated. By friends. To be our star of the day a row this is a very very nice honors for people who go above and beyond in the community. And I understand you've been helping out with some. VIP games for folks who are and disabled mentally disabled. There and they feel you're doing a terrific job I want you to hear. What your friends and and your and your family had to say about yield. First poked your husband frank and I asked him what would have meant to him debt you're so involved with you know folks for special needs. When we married she had. Very young. Little boy named Billy there has special needs and I. Why are we fell in love with him before getting hurt then you have undoubtedly just watching him now he's about he's 49 now with the true. That's yeah we we round a lot of these things that she's the organizational. Part of it I'd say armor Playboy. So Billy motivated Don and eventually you to get involved in and volunteer time with with people who need it. A little extra help. Yeah that's when bill it was five years older that is there was that. Really nothing much available. Step points that when she got. Really involved in making things available and there was one called low the more we moved here from Reno that. A pretty amazing school or those with needs. And here is your friend Eileen. A case fishy goes the way above and beyond what any other coach how would any other sport. Yes she does what should be tested these against the athletes. Whenever they need whether it's equipment uniforms. Glad she is transportation. And the medical examination and I mean anything she doesn't get paid for anything for VIP or for Special Olympics her out of pocket expenses. Her weight more than what might not that's. And Donna here's your friend ray. She's dedicated her adult life. Helping all the special athletes and part of the problem oh come on her for torn here. They're just kind of administrative leader of everything entry. You know puts together good teams and tries to make some as fair as possible fervor for the athletes and for via volunteer. Or wasn't for her votes to pass plays probably would have anything to do on Saturday morning. And here's Joey how what are what are the coaches there for the south but games. I looked up our work per he'd get all their medals already Kirby I can only. Get everything. Okay. You may well be Carell cheer is going to be hurt their yet he never took power in the Philippines. And we just go aren't up. There you go down that's why you were nominated because of other great things she deal. Well hope that if they get a lot of very nice thing. Yeah you're really involved with the the special games there the VIP games are checked. Yet and that they give them an opportunity to come out every week. From march and killed Dion and then I had another I would get get too tired from last year at the Olympic. Well Ali got my seventeen until September they get together with their peers are made to look forward since seen their friend again you know this implement additional opportunity pig commercial I can live. Are people that had the same mcsame want and desire is that everybody one and it could give them additional opportunity. Q do you campaign that they enjoy she. If you know someone goes above and beyond may need some. Deserved recognition nominee yours futures started the day right now and then start 1065 dot com slash star of the day.