12/21 Doug Davis

Wednesday, December 21st


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He knew someone who's six god wants to recognize the unsung heroes that serve our community here's today's star of the day. All Burton. This is Greg Jenner calling from start when a 65 radio how are you today Serra. What Mario. I'm Leo well the reason I'm calling you today is I come with good news. Your family is nominated you to be. Our star of the day or an hour from now do you listen this radio station you know what that's about. Adds or. People who fill other people have been creeping their community. And that's CEO and doing some good things there at home I talked to your family a way to give something eliciting airman apartment on the phone lines for you okay. First person I spoke to his nature on your daughter and here's why she wanted you to be the start today. I wanted to try to act because you know he's been married and have a child he adopted you are exterior adults. He does we have mom had a bad situation which he is really thinking about it gigabytes are any time we had to work on a car weren't part burqa down. I need help that they showed us how to actually. The work ourselves from my car he had them under my addiction it is very great angle it took off from work contrary. Coroner ruled the pool you know my adoption on them. I can't just aren't all that he gave me great life and always gave me faith. And I spoke to your daughter Ashley. My dad is an incredible role models for our family and no matter the occasion my dad has always been the rock of the family my sister has been through some traumatic events causing the last ten years would be a really rough on her family my mom has been battling with chronic back issues requiring multiple surgeries my dad was there right by her side lynch is in pain and dealing with the legalities of it all my dad is. So incredibly caring. And devoted and selfless to our family. And here's your wife Carla. Well I guess the first thing that may and that comes to mind is that you adopted my daughter that was. When she lives about three years old he came into our life. When she was eleven months old and he just immediately. Suspend her and became that -- that she did not cat and she he has been there for. Not only hurt but it. Her cute brother and her brother and sister all their lives he is a great support here all of them. And my oldest daughter and she is that the challenges in her life and he never waivers you don't leave where I am I'm just very grateful to have somebody that is so loving and supportive. And the big. Is that all of a great rock. There you go mr. mr. Doug you're a great Iraq. Well I'll let that thought from both cuts and kind of joked out. You met your wife Paula and she had at the time teacher was eleven months old right yet her. And then it aged three. That's when you legally adopted her two to be your own. We're. So what major dude that I mean he could have just gone out of course why did you what major wanna go to the paperwork and do the legal adoption. Well because you know I I really felt as though page turner was my down and and and that we wanted to have more children and we want to build Trammell AM he wanted to hurt to be the same as as everybody else. There you go all right well listen you know are started the day it's all about. You know good people good hearted people in the community year one of bombs so while. You're a star of the day very exciting and Doug we're gonna pay you a quick visit takes him picks. Shake your hand and are giving us some tokens of appreciation that I think you're really really gonna like. Oh this up Doug before we go any job message you want to relay out to your family your wife that dynamic UN. Well you know I'd like this say it is make me feel so good to hear my family safe let's let the nice thing about me better really you know it's. It's my wife that deserves the recognition you know she's the one that always putting others before herself and watching out per family. And but I am very thankful for Pritchard are contacting. Our wanna six point fives. You know someone goes above and beyond may need some way. Well deserved recognition nominee yours futures started the day right now and then start 10605 dot com slash star of the day.