12/20 Melanie Brown

Tuesday, December 20th


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The news 106. Also recognize the unsung heroes that serve our community here's today's star of the day. Hi good morning this is Greg Jenner and calling from start when a 65. Hi good morning I am looking for Melanie please. Hi Melanie I am calling you with good news I'm calling to which you know you've been nominated it. To be our star of the day. Or hour and this is a great honor. Yeah and attacked US and your family and semi your friends they it's him of course really really great things to say about you silk. Give this a listen okay. So the first person I spoke to what was your dad and I his what he said it. Well she's Gloria aspiration then it she's put it keeps me go I am. Few years ago. Oh I had a bad reaction to the medication that I take that because red black outgoing guy on the freeway while I was the behind the wheel of an eighteen Wheeler and that's for me in the retirement and what nations and so they had help determine your argument is it's all right and she has been become the let's whether we got started talking and I don't want this delicate job interview that you throughout much you'd come to work for me at the daycare so I've been working for her for the last couple years and now. I take it she she's a single mother she's got three boys what I'm trying to born and junior high of one elementary school. She's been divorced for a couple of years sheet runs a daycare business eleven hours today called once step thought she's got paperwork to take serves he's got hope worked with the kids. Take care should go to dinner to take care of. And as you make a good busts have free Michael. You know she's the best spot. And this has been moved the best. Relationship that I've ever had with my daughter and I love it. Your mom I mean well she volunteers with. Lincoln high school band and a junior receiver. Football. She hasn't Samad gen band and then her seven year old played further. Junior Lieberfarb aren't galleys. My parents for he has pain at daycare and she has takes care of twelve children a day that that's quite a bit. That's big task. What are the ages of the kids she watches. From a six. Weeks. 24. Years old it didn't end home daycare and even on the day it doesn't tell us she's stuck out get in there and plow through it you element always had a smile on her face. And you know Jane here's Jeanne. She is like a daughter keep me I have kind of adopted her because eight I guess stats sheet that had just special now I have known her for life probably ten years because when she started her business I guess Rick as Mark Kirk Kirk. Trying to beat dad says that she could be home and go work at the same time. And I talked to your sister emea. I'm pitching that good mom is that single mom says her three Boleyn. And she's really is doing being good doing things for them going pretty says so that's why. You come out any other reasons right. That green it. Get your hands full with a daycare. I'd be here in new year hi how do you still managed to have your mind in your sanity and a great golf though our turnaround how do you IE in a that. You know it is infineon. Bid yet kind of like and I agree impaired practically can land. You know at the end of the day I can get by you know repeat tomorrow and and I am happy that I can burqa on my own truck and then you know they're all there so I'm definitely I keep busy without the activities then and cool and PI I don't have time to do. Really go crazy because I'm keeping Kobe being. I SM well listen you are the star of the day and when you're the star of the day you get spoiled rotten and not try. Yeah we're gonna have that now pay a quick visit the Hud takes pictures and devious cem really nice tokens of appreciation that I think you'll enjoy. Went okay. Thank you crash. If you know someone goes above and beyond may need some. Deserved recognition nominee yours futures started the day right now and then start 1065 dot com slash star of the day.