12/19 Sara Benedict

Monday, December 19th


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He knew someone who's 65 also recognize the unsung heroes that serve our community here is today's star of the day. Hi good morning how this is Greg tanner content start 1065. Morning hi good morning and I am looking for syrup Benedict. Hi Sarah it's gonna be a good day today Treo because I'm coming with good news give any idea what that might be. I have a little idea. Taken drastic step in the dark. Article one nominate me first hour of the day you ask. More changes as it. Actually tarts you through your friends here to give this a listen okay. So I spoke to Vicky first and she was Tommy all about how you just jumped right in the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention out of darkness walks in here she is Tellme a little bit about that. Really took over in animated a mission and a church to get the word out that their help but you know that gene you're not alone. They aren't pro eventually. She started doing a lot of fun greater she'd made crap she did they felt cheap goods are big spaghetti feed every year. He learned the blue background true probably fifteen or corny walker now. And I'm winning the last three years we have and the pop. Fund raising team in the Sacramento region. Then congratulations. We have I think you look at all thinks that there. Here is your friend shards left. She didn't have to work so hard to read how much money and get the word out about. What they've got a group that he's performed he's the past dog food every year and can get this film are less than it spent much time to work on the tour for the foundation then. At a birthday present slack circulation and knew he had that he and it hit his teammate and I think there will be a huge part of her life you know like and I remember her brother and kill and they get that note the only spot there feel what she can only hurt him and his camera has gone through. And attacked injury after he Air France from kindergarten she was telling me about what it means to her that you put all the time and effort. Into the suicide prevention that you do. Well it means a lot to me because I knew her brother really well too you know my whole life. And console. Bulls fan I can we really understand the importance as freezing awareness because so many people are suffering in Thailand. It's something that's not talked about much in so fair wanted to start and teams that she could help raise awareness about suicide and get back in a way. The memory of her brother. And here's your friend Kathy. I know where it began how. She is he yeah. They emerged that they've seen. Sherrie dean can actually actually young lady he. Add to her heart is huge. Hurdle brought here it just tapped it left behind shoe yeah children. Pet parent has. And they are the main goal can't continue and her brother Brad Childress and get change. I cherish the thought that she does everything she can't definitely didn't look hurt to 870. I don't know I can't add up about her she may thinking. That's a lot of nice compliments. Aren't. Doesn't that the parent how many years ago was this now your your brother committed suicide yeah it in October and Carter are. And then when did you start educating yourself and others about about suicide in prevention. I don't a few months after it passed out of looking every person's turn myself just try to understand it I can cost the American foundation Christian attack conventions. I I that's connected on a little bit more involved every year. So actually in 2017 and the B a co chair for the entire Sacramento chapter you have a lot of thought he was silent since I just telling other people have been there. It helps you realize that you're not alone in the world and there are the people that. Andrew Kelly then Kalin can help you and if he were like my friend that I worked hard to make sure that nobody else have to go through my family went through. Because it's heartbreaking that we can say one camera can go and sit back and equip all the work. Thank you for bringing this awareness to Sacramento. And congratulations on 2017 with your new position there. Error. You know someone goes above and beyond may need some. Deserved recognition nominee yours futures started the day right now and then start 1065 dot com slash star of the day.