12/16 Shirley Trosko

Friday, December 16th


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The news 106. Also recognize the unsung heroes that serve our community here's today's star of the day. Hi there are good morning this is Greg tanner I'm calling from our radio station start 1065. We are looking for Sherry Lee. Surely are the reason that I'm calling you is is to let you know that you have been nominated. By your friends Don and Taylor and Diana and Kim to be our star of the day this is somebody who goes above and beyond and always. Positive making people real happy that's yield. How well here okay. There's a professor has. Well listen I want you to hear what your friends had to say about you okay. At apple our first person I spoke with was your friend John. Chief Justice is always available to babysit for her kids I mean that much about them beyond the call of duty hours side dropped everything whenever they needed her whatever she needs is a person that and is there is always there to take care friend that need help. For anything she's got that have friend that's going through cancer right now and she takes there aren't. Lots of fun day trips you know just to get her out and did his staff went there are a lot and they need to be any friend Jeanne needs. I mean she is just no way she helps people alive. And surely this is your friend Taylor right. And a behind the scenes background her saying she never called for any greater attention for herself and she does so much where she's been diagnosed with cancer about a year ago. Can and should never complained once calm throughout radiation treatment and and she takes care of her family her husband has diabetes. She's just a real treat for it and such a positive arc sent. And this surely is your friend Diana. Yes I listen every day and I hear the start of the day every day at every single day I think I. That's surely. A lot of people you know do nice things for people but discount does that. With their card outer leaves and today okay she has that lemon tree and sheets. Had some friends take Kabul haven't puppetry and she brought this huge back at eleven bit of the kid didn't bring lemons she brought. Bags correct with eleven minutes it all always done that extra step. You know she does funny things that are clapping and she's the number Kurt Thomas and everybody they're just love Turks. It's just I think it she makes it a wonderful likes. And finally surely here's your friend can. Probably lend itself Clinton loyalists. All right well what you would want in the person I would. I would consider it surely is tough battle for her that one of my members actually listen to your show up everyday and I liquidation or none at all. I thank the people like Shirley his plane probably came up with the concept he pardoned them I can't imagine anybody else in my life. Our figure something like this this sites mentioned that you guys have a young child. I have my god thank attached I'd like they said no my good yes. Well you're aware of other good juju I'm sure are right. Well I'd like idiot can't and I could be good person he. I can help people. Isn't it nice that it's being recognized. By a by your friends. I'm very touched I'm very touched I didn't almost speechless. Not so congratulations. Surely you are a wonderful wonderful person. And dad being the star of the day we pay a quick visit dvi hug take pictures and give you some really really great staffs. I hope it OK I need a little bit talk about that it. They're prepared but a good shocked. Surely is there any message that you'd like to say tear friends who who would be listening. Get that I love all of my friend very much a player very important role in my life I I would be lost without us. If you know someone goes above and beyond may need some. Deserved recognition nominee yours futures started the day right now and then start 1065 dot com slash star of the day.